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Sorrento Tours

Sorrento, perched picturesquely on a plateau above the sea with spectacular views over the Bay of Naples, has been a popular tourist destination for almost two centuries. Traditionally the town is one of the favourite resorts of British visitors to Italy, and over the last few decades it has ruled as Italy’s leading package-holiday destination for English-speakers. The historic seaside town has learned to live with, and make the most of tourism, and in return it offers a classic ‘Mediterranean summer holiday’ atmosphere – but without losing all of its Italian character and charm. The key attraction of Sorrento is that it can offer a variety of holiday experiences to suit different visitors, from rural walks through lemon and olive groves to a choice of excursions by land or sea. Pompeii, Herculaneum and Naples are accessible in one direction, and the Amalfi Coast in another. Days out can include Roman ruins, low-key seaside resorts, traditional villages and breathtaking scenery. Being well-connected and easy to get to makes this a straightforward and practical holiday choice. Sorrento Tours by Rome City Transfers allow you to discover all the Beauties of Sorrento.


No trip to Southern Italy can be complete without Sorrento tours

For most visitors to Sorrento, Mount Vesuvius and the ancient ruins of Pompeii will be the first places to visit. Drenched in history going back as far as 79 AD, Pompeii is not only valuable for its past but also for the architectural aesthetic and ancient artefacts that can be found throughout the town. Sorrento Tours also allow access to the impressive Vesuvius where many visitors enjoy hiking to the crater. The Amalfi Coast tour from Rome is one of the most popular coastal destinations in the world and travelling from Sorrento to Amalfi allows vacationers to view the striking towns and villages built into the mountains sides along the way. Piazza Tasso, situated in Sorrento’s centre, gives access to some notable architecture including churches, museums and sculptures and visitors can also enjoy the charming atmosphere from the café’s, shops and bars that populate the area. Visitorss are also attracted to the Sorrento ports and the town coastline from which the Bay of Naples can be seen. Along with many Italian sightseeing tours, the Vatican city tour with Rome City Transfers provides great insight into the history and importance of this religious landmark. From sightseeing to culture and everything in between, Sorrento tours has something of benefit for all holiday makers in one of the most beautiful towns in Europe.